Fascinating Rhino Tracking Safaris

The majestic rhinoceros can seem intimidating. Standing at a height of approximately 1.8 meters and weighing in at almost two tons, it is a formidable African icon. Often underestimated, the Rhino has a quick temper and running away simply isn’t an option, as this breathtaking animal can reach speeds of up to sixty kilometers an hour over a short distance. Over the last few years Rhino numbers, especially Black Rhinos, have declined at a staggering pace, as poachers drove this beautiful animal to near extinction. Today, game reserves protect the rhinos that have remained, and the animals roam their grounds freely.

Rhino Tracking Safaris have become a very popular activity in South Africa, as the entire experience is informative and educational. Guides, who have been professionally trained and are experts in tracking, share their vast knowledge with visitors and tourists. Knowing how to track and what to look for is invaluable when trying to find a specific animal. What makes rhino tracking so interesting is the fact that their spoor is almost like a human fingerprint. Trackers are able to identify a unique individual Rhino by looking at the cracks and lines in their spoor. Visitors will also learn to look for broken branches and other tracking indicators, and will also be educated on the behavior of the rhinos and the other animals that are found along the way.

The trees and plants also have their own stories to tell and guides will often educate visitors on the medicinal purposes and beliefs in regard to some of the plants. Most rewarding of all is to finally locate the rhinos and to watch them quietly from a safe distance. Being on the ground, near these magnificent animals, is an unforgettable experience and visitors feel much closer to nature when watching them go about their daily routines. And it is here, in the open landscapes of the game reserves, that people really start to appreciate the work that is being done by conservationists in South Africa.

Most of the game reserves in South Africa, offer Rhino Tracking Safaris, such as the Kruger National Park, Pongola Game Reserve and Zululand Rhino Reserve. Their efforts give the public the rare opportunity to view rhinos in their natural environment, up-close and personal. These powerful animals are definitely the pride of Africa and their survival is vital. Rhino Tracking Safaris not only take visitors on a once in a life time journey, but bring awareness to this protected animal and the need for conservation.