Highveld Heritage Route

The Highveld Heritage Route is located in the south eastern region of the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, and boasts numerous adventures and treasures for visitors to discover. Its rich and diverse history is still etched into the landscapes of this province and visitors will be amazed and fascinated every step of the route. The geographic wonder of the Highveld Heritage Route is complimented by the quaint historical towns and breathtaking attractions found while traveling from one point to the next. It is the ideal way to explore the past and present of Mpumalanga.

The town of Ermelo considered the centre of the route, with most visitors choosing it as a sort of base camp from which to explore the route. Other towns such as Chrissiesmeer, Badplaas, Breyten and Carolina are located on the route.

The history of the Mpumalanga region has its roots in the San people. The rock art that has been left behind is from a tribe of San people that were known as the Tlou E’Tie. Some of their ancient tools can also be seen in the Batwa Valley. One of the most popular attractions in Batwa Vally is Mushroom Rock, also known as Murder Rock. Goliath’s Footprint is another must see.

Chrissiesmeer, along the Highveld Heritage Route, is the site of the 1901 Battle of Chrissiesmeer. The graveyard where the soldiers of both sides were laid to rest has one unique feature: the British soldiers and the Boers who did not support the cause of the battle are buried in an opposite direction to the Boer soldiers. The town also has huge lakes, approximately two hundred and seventy, in its surrounding landscapes and thousands of flamingos come here each year to breed.

Driving into Bonnefoi, visitors will be met with an eerie silence, as old fashioned cars parked in garages, a hotel withered by the weather, a closed post office and a mansion that was once the pride of the town, tell the story of a once thriving town that is now deserted. Nearby, stone circles can be viewed, and until today no-one knows who the creators of these circles are.

The mineral springs of Badplaas are also recommended, as well as the wetland of the Matotoland Lake District, and the Swazi village located at Oshoek, which brings the culture of the tribes to life. To complete this Mpumalanga adventure, visitors are invited to detour to the Songimvelo Nature Reserve and the Nkomi Game Reserve to get up close and personal with the wildlife of South Africa.