Hiking Adventure on the Woodcliffe Cave Trail

A few kilometers outside of the town of Mclear, South Africa, magnificent natural and ancient treasures lay hidden in the Joelshoek Valley, and can be explored and discovered by hiking the Woodcliffe Cave Trail. The hiking trail itself takes five days to complete, but visitors are welcome to stay a little longer to enjoy the many other activities and attractions located here. For a truly inspirational experience, and to view one of the most breathtaking hiking trails in South Africa, visitors are recommended to put on their hiking boots, pack their backpacks and head for the Woodcliffe Cave Trail.

The total distance of the Woodcliffe Cave Trail is fifty-three kilometers, which is spread across five days. The first day is a five kilometer hike to Tok’s Cave, where hikers can make wood fires, enjoy the stillness of the evening and rest comfortably in the huts that are located in the cave. The breathtaking feature of a magnificent waterfall cascading down the front of the cave is splendid. Approximately thirteen kilometers waits on day two and it crosses past the starting point, which is Woodcliffe farmhouse, allowing hikers to get more provisions before making their way to camp. Then its time to rest for the toughest day on the hike, which is hiked on the third day.

To reach Reed Park, which is the next destination, hikers have to cover a thirteen kilometer distance that takes them through foothills and a steep ascent to the crest of the mountain. On reaching the huts, hikers will be able to rest their bodies and rejuvenate in the nearby river. Day four continues along the crest and then follows a downhill path to the Wide Valley Cottage. The views that hikers will be able to see on day four are picturesque and majestic. On the last day of the Woodcliffe Cave Trail, hikers will have no difficulty in covering the remaining kilometers in approximately three hours, where the Woodcliffe farmhouse waits with hot showers and refreshments.

Of course, visitors don’t have to partake in the five day trail. They are welcome to stay at Woodcliffe, and enjoy day excursions with their qualified guide. More than a hundred mountain pools, waterfalls, wildlife and an extensive variety of mountain flowers can be discovered on foot or on pony treks. Fishing, mountain biking and abseiling add to the list of activities to enjoy here, while the nature, rock art and dinosaur footprints serve as the attractions. The Woodcliffe Cave Trail is more than just a hiking experience, it is an opportunity to walk through untouched land that can be seen in the same way it was hundreds of years ago.