Historic Town of Carnarvon

From approximately the year 1795 large numbers of the Xhosa community began to migrate along the Orange River. This later lead to battles amongst the Xhosa, Boers, Koranna and Khoikhoi tribes. A mission was eventually established in 1847 by Reverend Christoph Alheit, who named it Schietfontein. He began working with the local tribes and founded both a school and a church. The creation of the mission also led to the founding of the town of Harmsfontein in 1860. Some of the buildings erected between the years of 1811 and 1815 can still be seen in this historic town, which was renamed to Carnarvon in 1874.

The picturesque hills, with their recognizable flat tops, are a landmark in the Northern Cape Province and a feature of Carnarvon that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Tourists are swept away on a journey of history, hospitality, architecture and natural wonder on arrival in Carnarvon, as it is a town filled with adventure, activities and noteworthy attractions.

Nature enthusiasts will find a visit to the Tortoise Reserve very rewarding. Approximately sixty mountain tortoises call the reserve their home, and bring visitors delight when they respond to their names or simply come in search of a treat. The Carnarvon Nature Reserve is another popular wildlife destination that offers a variety of wildlife species for visitors to marvel at.

In town, the Carnarvon Hotel is home to a rather unusual attraction, namely the Blikkiesbar. With a massive whiskey collection and beer can exhibit, the Blikkiesbar should not be missed. To explore the colorful history of Carnarvon, visitors are recommended to stroll through the Carnarvon Museum, or discover the magnificence of the Corbelled Houses with their extraordinary cement mixtures, domed roofs and earth floors. The Brick Yard is also a noteworthy site to visit, as it brings man and beast together to create bricks at this fascinating centre. Once a cinema, the Ou Kraal Restaurant offers tasty traditional meals. After a day of exploring the sites of Carnarvon, such as the fort that is located on Carnarvon Koppie (dating back to 1899), the restaurant has a relaxing and welcome atmosphere. Carnarvon is a delightful town, and is the perfect destination for those seeking unique attractions.