Hogsback Arts Festival

Hogsback is one of the Eastern Cape’s most scenic mountain areas. The little village of Hogsback is situated at the foothills of the well-known ‘Three Hogs’ mountains and the town is as tranquil and pretty as the surrounding mountainsides. Hogsback is the perfect setting for the Hogsback Arts Festival and thousands flock to this small corner of the country to enjoy this great festival.

This is one place where technology has taken a back seat to nature and instead of finding over development and industry; you’ll find clean air, lush forests, waterfalls and crisp, cool mist. The village itself is very small with houses and hotels tucked away from view in this sleepy little environment. When the festival is not on, visitors come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. They take time to walk the forest trails, visit the oldest Yellow wood tree in the Eastern Cape and buy cute little warthog curios made by the locals. St Patrick’s Church is a favorite location for weddings and if you manage to savor the view from the hill on which it is located you’ll easily understand why. All this is the setting for the Hogsback Arts Spring Festival held on the last weekend of September each year.

The Hogsback Arts Spring Festival is a multi-cultural event. It features a number of events and displays created by local artists who live and work in the Eastern Cape. It offers travelers the perfect opportunity to explore other cultures and interests and to rediscover nature and be inspired. The festival features music and dance, poetry recitals, cultural cuisine tasting, stand-up comedy and art. Visitors can expect to find an entertaining mixture of music genres like jazz, opera, blues, rhythm and more. With every passing year this cultural festival grows bigger and more popular, but it never looses its heart and soul. Hotels and restaurants open their doors wide to festivalgoers, offering them warmth and hospitality as well as the opportunity to share lodging with various entertainers. So why not give this great annual arts festival a try and rediscover nature and music at the same time? You wont regret it!