Hot Air Balloon Safaris South Africa

Drifting through the skies, you look over the edge of the basket and your eyes are filled
with the stunning landscape below you. This is the magic of
hot air balloon safaris in South Africa. What better way to become acquainted
with South Africa’s diverse, spectacular countryside.
Hot air ballooning trips in South Africa offer an enchanting experience
of floating high above the world. Whilst hot air ballooning has been a form of transport for
many years, South African balloon safariscater to tourist needs and have become
a very popular adventure activity.

Hot air balloons were introduced to South Africa in 1969 and were first utilized for reconnaissance
by the military forces. The Aero Club of South Africa in 1972 established the Balloon section. In 1976
16 balloon pilots competed in the International Balloon Race which began in Johannesburg and ended in
Durban – this was the year hot air ballooning really took off in South Africa.

Your hot air balloon safari is likely to have you up in the early hours of the morning as the majority
are organized to begin before sunrise. After arriving you may be able to assist in rigging up the hot
air balloon and you will be provided with an explanation as to how everything works. Soon enough you
will feel yourself gently rising from the ground up to a height of around 10 to 20 meters. Slowly you
will sail through the air. For an hour or so you will be awe-struck by the panoramic view which becomes
ever clearer as the sun rises higher in the sky, covering the landscape in a warm glow. Hot air ballooning
in South Africa is an experience individuals of all age groups will enjoy. The feeling of serenity you will
sense along with the breathtaking view is well worth the somewhat high cost. Many hot air ballooning companies
will provide you with a delicious champagne breakfast after you land, the ideal way to end off an extraordinary

There are certain considerations to take note of when planning a hot air balloon trip. Hot air ballooning is
greatly dependent on the weather as flying in fog, rain or strong winds can be dangerous. That is why most
launches take place close to sunrise, before the day’s thermals start rising. Wear comfortable clothes and
practical shoes. You may also want to bring sunglasses and/or a hat. A camera is a must to record your wonderful
experience. Book your South African hot air ballooning trip at least two weeks in advance, it is a popular activity
and places are limited. Bookings will only be confirmed a few days before your flight is scheduled due to its weather

Hot air balloon trips are offered in several locations throughout South Africa. Popular sites for balloon safaris
include the Cape Winelands, Magaliesberg, Drakensberg, Natal Midlands, Oudtshoorn, Hoedspruit, Sabie and Hazy view.

Drakensberg/Kwazulu Natal Midlands

Hot air balloon flights are offered in this area by Airborne Adventures. The company has numerous launching
points from where you can view the Midlands, Kamberg Valley and nearby Giants Castle. Flights last an hour and
are followed by a delicious breakfast and Champagne.

Cape Winelands

Discover the beauty of the Boland, just an hour away from Cape Town. Hot air balloon flights take off in the stunning
Berg River Valley where you will drift over vineyards, orchards and rolling fields. The wind will take you on a quiet
journey, leaving you speechless. After a gentle landing you will be taxied to the Grande Roche Hotel where you can indulge
in a buffet breakfast.

Hartebeespoort Dam – Gauteng

This gorgeous area offers some of the best weather for hot air ballooning. As you silently hover above the earth your eyes
will be met by lovely valleys and the sparkling lake. Sip on champagne as you take in all the natural beauty, its simply
dreamy. Bill Harrops offers this wonderful experience to thousands of passengers each year and has the experience to leave
you with unforgettable memories.

Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Realize a new way to see Africa’s wildlife. Daily sunrise flights take travelers high up into the air where they can marvel
at the African bush and spot a variety of fascinating wildlife (perhaps even the Big 5). After this ultimate game-viewing
adventure you can enjoy champagne and a full English breakfast with your friends as you recount all that you have seen.
Just picture yourself gently floating above an elephant herd or a sleeping pride of lions, astounding isn’t it?

Yes, hot air ballooning safaris in South Africa offer you a unique perspective of this country’s diverse
and magnificent landscape.