Johannesburg – Paraffin Seepage Being Monitored

Just days ago some residents of the Amoati informal settlement in Johannesburg found themselves
being overcome by dizzying fumes. An abundance of flammable liquid was soon found to be trailing in
the mud in little rivulets between the houses and people living in the area soon started to help
themselves to this strange liquid. While the flammable liquid may have proved useful in warming up a
few homes, there were obvious health concerns with regards to using the fuel.

As a result the municipality conducted an on site inspection on Wednesday and task team was appointed to
assess the danger that the fuel posed to residents of the settlement. The preliminary assessment revealed
that not only was the mysterious liquid paraffin, but that it was suspected to be leaking out of an above
ground tank was was used to supply the local spaza shop with the substance.

The six families which were affected by the leakage were relocated to houses in Mount Moriah and their old
homes are to be demolished as part of a slums clearance program run by the department of housing. In the mean
time the municipal fire and emergency department is monitoring the situation and metro police are on standby.
The water and sanitation unit continue to monitor the drinking water to ensure that it is safe but a decision
has still not been made whether or not to dig up the paraffin laden soil and dispose of it.