Keiskamma Trust Uplifts The Community

In 2002 a trust was established by Carol Hofmeyer to assist in uplifting the local communities of the Eastern Cape. The mission statement of the Keiskamma Trust, located in Hamburg, states that the trust aims to encourage hope and provide support for the vulnerable. They work to address issues of poverty and disease by means of holistic programs and partnerships.

One of the most significant projects that is undertaken by the Keiskamma Trust is the Keiskamma Health Project. The health and treatment center in Hamburg offers much needed medical assistance and is home to healthcare professionals who go out into the communities to help at local clinics, as well as at the hospice. The centre also distributes Anti-Retroviral drugs to AIDS / HIV sufferers and is the only treatment center of its kind in this area. To ensure that patients remain on the treatments given to them, the center uses monitors, which enables them to maintain a good success rate.

Hamburg is located on the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a breathtaking estuary, so it is easy for people to become inspired and creative in such magnificent surroundings. The Keiskamma Trust therefore initiated the Keiskamma Art Project, providing the locals of Hamburg and the surrounding villages with the skills to bring their own creations to life. Not only does this enable locals to earn an income through their art work, but they have also gained recognition for work with tapestries hanging in Bedfordview Murray & Roberts headquarters. The renowned Keiskamma Altarpiece won a Business and Art South Africa Award. Many local women have also learnt embroidery, uplifting them from their impoverished backgrounds.

The Keiskamma Trust has aestablished an educational program to reach out to the children of the region, providing them with a place of safety and the opportunity to study. With so many ongoing projects, the Keiskamma Trust depends on the generous donations received from individuals, organizations and foundations, which enable them to continue their vital work.