!Khwa ttu : A Tribute To The Unique San People

Approximately forty minutes drive from Cape Town, is one of the most unique and community related attractions in South Africa. It is not only a magnificent cultural experience, but a look into the diverse history of South Africa and its people. !Khwa ttu, welcomes local and international visitors, to journey into the world of the San people, to enjoy their hospitality, marvel at their craftsmanship and explore the traditions that make them so unique and significant to the country. !Khwa ttu is an adventure that everyone should allow themselves to enjoy.

Over the years, the San have been a part of the attractions by way of their arts, identity and work that was exploited by tourism. The community however, did not receive remuneration for the knowledge they shared, or from the sale of their crafts. There is so much more to the San people that meets the eye, and through their desire to share their traditions and skills, they have created a project, together with the South African San Institute and the Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa, that develops the San culture, teaches the community skills, provides education and allows them to support themselves through tourism revenue. Irene Staehelin gave her support by purchasing the land for !Khwa ttu and establishing the UBUNTU Foundation that supports the venture.

The culture of the San people dates back approximately forty thousand years, and at !Khwa ttu, visitors will be able to be educated and gain fascinating insight into their heritage. A San guide will take visitors on a historical journey, with tales and activities such as a tractor drive through the indigenous landscape and wildlife, hiking expeditions where visitors will learn how to track and how the San hunted, as well as a tour of a traditional San village. The San village holds many fun activities such as ostrich shell jewelry making, the making of tools and weapons and the rites of the village. From the Boma, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the iconic Table Mountain, while relaxing with refreshments and the audio-visual theatre is a great way to be educated on the customs of the San and their rock art.

Visitors to !Khwa ttu can stay for the day or stay overnight in comfortable accommodation. But before leaving, a walk through the Khwa ttu Arts and Crafts Shop is definitely recommended. The crafts on display are unique and individually made by the San. From jewelry to tools can all be found here and, as it is a San run shop, the community are paid for their crafts and compensated for the long hours they spend to create special items for visitors to take away with them. !Khwa ttu is a destination that remains with visitors long after they leave, as the unique and memorable experiences it offers can be found nowhere else.