Kofi Annan arrives in South Africa

The UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, and his wife arrived in Cape Town, South Africa
early on Monday morning. His arrival marked the start of a three-day visit to the country
which will include talks with the country’s president regarding the global body’s reform.
This is his the first offical visit to South Africa since 1997 when Annan assumed leadership
of the UN. He is scheduled to meet Thabo Mbeki at the Tuynhuys office in Cape Town on Tuesday.

The official visit is part of ongoing consultations with member states regarding the comprehensive
reform of the UN. President Mbeki is to meet with the UN Secretary-General to discuss the conviction
that the multilateral system of global governance is the only hope of resolving the challenges which
currently face the international community. Annan will also give a discourse on the challenges facing
the multi-lateral system to the National Assembly.

Not all Annan’s plans are hard work however. He is expected to pay Nelson Mandela a visit, as well as do
some sight seeing by visiting the Hector Petersen memorial in Soweto. He also plans to spend time interacting
with the local UN Staff and to hold discussions with the civil society representatives.

Many in the country consider it an honor to be associated with this great African who is playing such a critical
role in the shaping of global affairs and who has such a large role in the attempts to create peace, stability
and sustainable development. Kofi Annan visit will be short as he is scheduled to depart for Madagascar on Wednesday.