Kragga Kamma Game Reserve, Port Elizabeth

It is not often that visitors are able to find a game reserve within the city limits. Fortunately, for visitors to Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, the Kragga Kamma Game Reserve is a magnificent game reserve filled with all the beauty of nature that visitors hope to see, and located a mere fifteen minute drive from the city centre. Its wide open plains, wildlife and breathtaking landscape, makes it easy to forget that the city lies just outside the reserve gates. The Kragga Kamma Game Reserve is a wonderful attraction to be visited as a day excursion or for the weekend.

When entering the Kragga Kamma Game Reserve, visitors will receive a list of all the animals that they are able to see within the park, plus a picture of each to make them easier to distinguish and recognize. The game reserve also gives the option of self-drive and guided game drives. Visitors who decide on the self drive option should set aside at least three hours, and this option enables them to spend as much time as they require at a certain location. The guided game drives are done in open all terrain vehicles and the professional guides are able to get visitors extremely close to the animals and share valuable and fascinating information.

Within the grounds of this breathtaking natural paradise, massive herds of bontebok, lechwe and nyala roam the open plains, while graceful giraffes graze the tree tops and buffalo cautiously find a quiet place to rest. Zebra playfully charge across the fields and white rhino patiently chew on their grassy finds while watching the antics of the others. Warthogs scurry anxiously into the dense, green forest areas, hoping not to be seen, and the monkeys seem able to find humor in every situation. The kings of this game reserve are the cheetahs, who roam the fields of a separate enclosure, near shaded picnic spots and the Bush Café. One of the highlights of the day for many visitors is being able to get their picture taken with the reserve’s tame cheetah.

While driving does allow visitors to get close to the majestic animals of the wild, the Forest Walk is one of the recommended activities at the game reserve. Walking through the forest on a tree top boardwalk is a unique opportunity to view some of the more than two hundred bird species, including Knysna loeries, yellow billed kites, jackal buzzards, fish eagles and sparrow hawks.

The Kragga Kamma Game Reserve has much to see and offer, and visitors are welcome to stay in any one of their luxury accommodation choices, such as lodges, luxury safari tents, log cabins, caravans, camps or chalets. This fantastic reserve in South Africa takes care of thousands of local and international visitors each year, and its beauty, magnificent grounds and varied wildlife brings people back weekend after weekend and year after year.