Mother City Queer Project Festivities

The first Mother City Queer Project festival was held in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1994, and has grown into an anticipated annual event. Within the constitution of South Africa, the law stipulates that discrimination against any race, religion or sexual orientation is prohibited. South Africa is therefore seen as one of the world’s gay-friendly destinations, and the city in South Africa with the highest gay population is Cape Town. It is therefore only fitting that the country’s largest gay and lesbian festival is held in the Mother City.

On the 22nd of December 2007, Cape Town will again come alive with music, costumes and crowds of excited participants. With the bustling nightlife in the city for both gays and straights, the Mother City Queer Project festival will only add to the colorful attractions of Cape Town that include historical and monumental attractions, wildlife and adventure activities. Visitors to the Mother City over December are welcome to join in the festivities and entertainment of the festival.

Ratanga Junction Theme Park will be the venue for this year’s event and will be featuring dance arenas and various stages set up around the park. The theme for the 2007 festival is “Matric Dance Back to School”. Participants can dress up in their dream matric farewell dresses and invite their dream partner to the event, or come as a teacher, the sports jock of the school or the headmaster. Any costume that will take spectators on a trip down school memory lane is permitted. And as previous festivals have attracted approximately five thousand participants, this year is set to be one of the biggest on record

The Mother City Queer Project festivities will kick off on 15 December 2007 with a pool gala at the Glen Boutique Hotel, followed by a charity dinner on the 16th of December, which then leads up to the Matric Dance Back to School Costume Party on the 22nd. The after-party of the event will take place by the Cape Town High Pool on 23 December 2007. Of course the fun does not end there; the Mother City Queer Project is also working very hard on arrangements for the New Year’s Party, set to be held in Green Point. It is definitely going to be a December filled with entertainment and festive social gatherings.

Straight people are always welcomed at the Mother City Queer Project festivities, as the events are organized for all sexual orientations. And if not for the parties, attending to catch a glimpse of the colorful and extravagant costumes is worth while.