Origin Festival 2008 at Rivier Plaas

One of the most anticipated Psy-Trance events of the year in South Africa is the Origin Festival which is held in Cape Town. It is a festival that draws thousands of fans and some of the greatest local and international artists and musicians. Organizers of the Origin Festival 2008 have secured the attendance of a spectacular line-up of performances and have also managed to hire a breathtaking and tranquil venue, to add space and beauty to the music.

Between the 1st and the 3rd of February 2008, the Origin Festival 2008 will take place at Rivier Plaas, located on the Breede River near Worcester. The weekend has been planned with the utmost detail and the event boasts two floors to enjoy the hypnotic sounds of Psy-Trance on the banks of a calming river. The Psy-Trance floor, which will kick off on Saturday afternoon, consists of a magnificent mixture of local and international performers. Those in attendance at the festival can look forward to sounds of Aleph, Headroom, Lost n Found, Shift, Atomic Culture, Cooks, Allaby, Toby 2 Shoes, Zion Linguist, Atomic Pulse, Protoculture and many more.

The second floor is a little smaller but runs from the Friday. There will be a great number of DJ’s who will see to the needs of the dancing crowds, such as Jeanne Dee, Jan, Fletcher, Danalog, Mike Suss, Miss H, Pants, Vernon, The Sherrif, Juan Thyme, DJ Low and Traci, to name but a few. Throughout the weekend visitors can also watch movies and audio lectures that cover various subjects from global issues to entertainment.

The venue provides festival goers with medical facilities, clean showers and toilet facilities, food stalls, shaded camping grounds, chill zones, a fascinating market and has a strong security presence throughout the weekend. There are a few recommended items for campers, such as torches, sun block, gas cookers, warm clothing for the evenings and insect repellent. To ensure the safety of all those attending, the following will not be permitted: wood fires, cameras, domestic animals, glass bottles, weapons or any form of illegal substances.

Festival goers are required to be eighteen years of age, and tickets bought prior to the festival at one of the ticket offices will cost R160. Tickets are sold at the gate, and cost R180. Gates to the festival will open at 15:00 on Friday the 1st of February. This is guaranteed to be one of Cape Town’s events not to be missed. For music, activities and three days of non-stop fun, ensure that you attend the Origin Festival 2008.