Oyster Catcher Trail : Enjoy Nature At Its Best

South Africa is a hiker’s paradise and there are literally hundreds of short or long hiking trails that wind through a variety of biomes and enable you to explore the natural aspect of the country on foot. Some of them are well-known, well-supported and well-developed. Others are less so. And then there are those elite few that are so breathtaking that they earn themselves the title of ‘top hiking trail’ in South Africa. The Oyster Catcher Trail is just such a hiking trail.

The Oyster Catcher Trail in South Africa has been rated as one of the top five trails in the country by the famous Getaway Magazine. The trail takes hikers along the unspoiled beaches and coastal floral kingdoms stretching from Mossel Bay to Gourits River. Apart from offering unmatched opportunities to enjoy the wonders of nature along the footpath, there are a handful of other activities you can enjoy on the Oyster Catcher Trail. One of these is whale-watching. There are a number of excellent vantage points along the trail that will enable you to see these mammoths of the ocean as they frolic along the country’s edge during their annual visits. Leaping schools of dolphins are also easily spotted from the trail. When the hot South African sun beats down on you and you need relief from the heat, you can cool off by splashing around in some of the stunning rocky pools in the area. These pools also present the perfect opportunity to get some safe snorkeling in and so you can explore the wildlife under the water’s surface too. Then there are fish traps, ancient caves and abandoned Khoisan haunts to explore. The striking mixture of dunes, beaches, cliffs and coastal flora and blue skies provide unparalleled vistas for the duration of your walk while the abundance of birds, land mammals and marine animals will certainly enchant you.

There are two different trail lengths for the Oyster Catcher Trail in South Africa. Hikers can choose from a five day trail or a three day trail – both of which must be booked in advance and which will require that you be accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable guide. It is best to choose the hiking trail that best suits your fitness levels as the walk can be demanding at times. However, fortunately you can have your luggage transported ahead of you to overnight luxury guesthouses, enabling you to take only the bare minimum with you on the trail. This makes light work of the walking and gives you more time to relax and enjoy the striking beauty of the area. There is simply no comparison – the Oyster Catcher Trail is unbeatable. Just don’t forget to pack in plenty of sunscreen!