Patrizio Buanne Visits South Africa

This year, in the month of September, the Italian sensation Patrizio Buanne will be visiting South Africa for his second concert tour. Having already captivated the hearts of thousands during his first tour of the country, fans are eagerly awaiting his return to this beautiful country.

Patrizio Buanne is an Austro-Itallian baritone singer who is quickly rising to fame on a world-wide scale. Born in Vienna, Buanne spent the first six years of his life in Naples before moving to Vienna with his family. His father was an Italian chef and young Patrizio wanted to follow in his footsteps, but his parent recognized his talent and strongly encouraged him to pursue a career as a musician. His musical talent was recognized quite early in his life and by the time he was just eleven he started performing in public. At just 19 years of age, in 1997, Buanne performed for a crowd of 85 000 people in a concert for Pope John Paul II. The success of the event led to him signing his first record contract. At age 20 he went back to Italy to study in Rome were he was able to learn six different languages.

Buanne’s first album ‘The Italian’ was released in 2005 and featured eleven tracks. All the songs on the album were traditional Italian songs and the album quickly soared to the top of the charts in the UK and in Australia. It was released in the USA in 2007 where it also did incredibly well. But why choose traditional songs? Buanne explained that it is important for him to sing the songs that he was brought up with – but he also likes to have new songs and so his second album featured a number of newer songs like Robbie William’s ‘Angel’. The second album was first released in South Africa in July 2006 before enjoying popularity in other countries.

So what makes Patrizio Buanne’s singing so exceptional? Some would argue that it is the language and distinctly Italian feel, but others would say it is the passion with which he sings. Buanne has commented that he tries to ‘touch people’ with his music and ‘take them to another world’. He also sings for his father who died of cancer a few years ago and the emotion and passion involved in each song is clearly obvious to fans. So come and see Patrizio Buanne in South Africa at Carnival City in Johannesburg, the His Peoples Center in Cape Town or at the Vodacom NMMU Indoor Center in Port Elizabeth. Tickets are pricey, but fans would argue that they are worth it.