Polo Holidays – A Unique Way to Experience South Africa

The sport of Polo was established in South Africa in the nineteenth century. Played by the British cavalry who were stationed in the Eastern Cape. The first tournament also took place in the region in 1885, in a town named King Williamstown. It is said that the British saw the game of Polo being played in India, so its exact origin is not known, with speculations pointing at the Persians or the Chinese, and was therefore not an exclusive British sport as is believed by many. Today, South Africa has approximately three hundred and twenty players and thirty-three clubs across the country. To increase the popularity of Polo and to promote the sport, many facilities now offer Polo holidays.

The SA Polo Association has been organizing programs and special events, such as coaching clinics, offering bursaries and making opportunities available to assist in the development of Polo players. But if there are any enthusiasts, local or international, who are interested in Polo, but have never gathered up the nerve to try, there are many establishments in South Africa that offer Polo holidays. These unique holiday experiences include extensive coaching in the rewarding game of Polo.

PoloAfrica is located in the Maluti Mountains and offers a picturesque Polo holiday destination, with Polo fields, stick and ball field and warm up arena, coaching from the most inexperienced player to the more accomplished and is surrounded by unforgettable natural scenes. The Franshoek Mountain Lodge and Polo School, combines the attraction of private Polo tutoring and secluded fields, with horse riding through the mountains and other exciting adventures such as hiking, golf, abseiling, discovering cave paintings, rock climbing, fishing, game drives, bird watching and other fabulous activities. Oaklands Country Manor, on the other hand, works together with the Harrismith Polo Club, working out reasonably priced polo packages in the heart of the Drakensberg escarpment. The Blueberry Park Polo School not only offers the learning experience for prospective polo players, but also sell trained ponies.

Polo is not a light hearted game, as it takes horsemanship skills combined with fitness, hand-eye coordination and endurance. This is a fast paced game that pushes players to the limit. With so many establishments offering tuition and Polo facilities that are situated in some of the most spectacular locations in South Africa, there is no excuse not to try and play this exciting, thrilling and action packed sport.