SA 2010 World Cup

Anyone that has ever been involved in the sport of soccer or football will know that it is a sport driven by passion and glory. The fact is that it is essentially a simple sport which can be played with just one ball, an open space and a handful of people. However, with hard work, dedication and a love for the game can take an individual up the echelons of society both locally and internationally and can result in fame and fortune. Of course, not every soccer player has what it takes to make it to the top but it is the hope of great success and the passion of the sport which drives so many to try. In many ways, South Africa is like that aspiring footballer just waiting for its chance to make it big. While it continues to find its way onto the global map in small ways for numerous achievements and discoveries, it was the 2010 world cup bid which has helped it to claim a place in the lives of millions of soccer fans around the globe.

After a decision was made to rotate the World Cup Soccer event between the various football federations in the world, Africa was chosen as the continent for 2010. Five nations scrambled for the honour of hosting this incredible event – Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, Morocco and, of course, South Africa. South Africa managed to win the bid by four votes and this success has sent the country into a frenzy of excitement. Of course, hosting the 2010 South African World Cup will not be easy. As the largest even of this sort ever to be held in the country, South Africa has had to rise to the challenge of designing and completing five new sports stadiums to accommodate the various events as well as the millions of spectators which are expected to flood the country. What’s more, security measures have been placed under a magnifying glass in an attempt to ensure the safest possible conditions for players, spectators and officials.

The South African World Cup in 2010 will take place at ten different venues which are spread out across the country. The cities that will host the matches will be Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Rustenburg with two different matches being played in the metropolis of Johannesburg. Many of the venues still have to be built while others are in need of upgrading but all efforts are being given top priority. What’s more, the use of several of the countries less known cities has resulting in those cities already receiving more attention from international visitors.

The 2010 South African World Cup is earmarked as one of the greatest sporting events that the country will ever host and there is understandable excitement surrounding the event. Foreigners are encouraged to not only enjoy the games but to make good use of their time spent here by enjoying the many delights that South Africa has to offer.