Summer Elegance at the House of Krone

The House of Krone is located on the Twee Jonge Gezellen wine estate that was established in 1710. It is one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa that is family-owned and the Twee Jonge Gezellen wine ranges are well known in the country. To differentiate and to bring honor to the contributions that Nicky Krone made to the sparkling wines range, Mèthode Cap Classique, the House of Krone was created, and to celebrate the success of the sparkling wine and the industry, the Summer Elegance at the House of Krone, will be an event of good taste, entertainment and art.

The Summer Elegance at the House of Krone, will take place on the 13th of December 2008. Anyone who loves summer, good wine and delicious treats, will find this event to be something spectacular. Not only are the views of the vineyard and mountain ranges breathtaking, but with each ticket sale, guests will be helping the Steinthal Orphanage, as a percentage of the funds raised by the sale of admission tickets, will be donated to this organization.

Over and above enjoying Krone Mèthode Cap Classic sparkling wine, guests will get the opportunity to sink their teeth into scrumptious Groote Vallei olives, Moniki chocolates, Turkish Delight and nougat, or check out the oyster bar and tantalizing sushi bar. Live entertainment will set the mood, while guests marvel at vintage cars, take in the creativity of the artist Wallace Hulley, learn about the farm and its produce through wine tasting and tours, and enjoy a fashion extravaganza by the talented fashion designer, Luiz DeLaja.

Parents are welcome to bring their children, as a wide range of activities have been made available to ensure the young ones remain entertained, while the adults enjoy a day of sunshine and elegance. Tractor rides, jumping castles and trailer rides are a few fun activities for children to look forward to, between running around in the warming sun, exploring and playing with friends. When near Tulbagh, South Africa, in December, visitors are reminded to detour to the Summer Elegance at the House of Krone, to join them in celebrating life and all the goodness surrounding it.