Take to the Skies at Thunder City

After seeing movies such as Top Gun or watching nail biting documentaries about real life dog fights, most wish deep in their hearts that they too could have the opportunity to take on the open skies. Not just in a commercial plane or small aircraft, but in a fighter jet, cutting through the skies at break-neck speeds. Unfortunately, the closest anyone ever comes to realizing these dreams is to watch an air show or walk through an aviation museum. But there is one place that can make those dreams come true, that places the life of a fighter jet pilot within reach of everyone, and that is at Thunder City.

The thrill of traveling faster than sound, the ripple of supersonic waves and the adrenalin induced fever of closing in on an enemy target while flying dangerously close to ground is what movies are made of. At Thunder City this dream can be realized. In Cape Town, South Africa, at the Cape Town International Airport you will find the head quarters for Thunder City. Here visitors can choose from a large selection of flight profiles and combinations. If it is speed that is the preferred choice or heart stopping aerial maneuvers, Thunder City can do it all.

The fleet of military aircraft, which is at the disposal of the Thunder City squadron, includes two very rare aircrafts. The Bae Buccaneers and the English Electric Lightnings, are not used anywhere else in the world, and this is therefore a truly unique experience. The English Electric Lightning is a supersonic jet interceptor that was used during the cold war, and the Bea Buccaneer is a jet bomber that was built to be capable of deploying nuclear weapons. The last ace up the squadron’s sleeve is the fleet of Hawker Hunter jets that are known for being the best fighters ever produced by the British.

The pilots of the Thunder City squadron are highly trained professionals, who always put the safety of their passengers and the rest of their crew first. Vital training on communication, oxygen and emergency ejection is given before guests depart on their flight of a lifetime. These pilots and their aircraft can also be seen executing their breathtaking maneuvers and showing off their skilled talents, at various air shows and exhibitions. When visiting Cape Town, or touring South Africa, be sure to stop off at Thunder City to experience the power and magnificence of military aircraft.