The Go Summer Tour

Every year thousands of South African’s pack up and get ready to head to the coast where they plan to spend lazy days lying on the sand after nights filled with endless entertainment. It is the South African way to celebrate Christmas and it sees the population of coastal cities swell enormously during the holiday season. This year certainly wont be any different and while parents stress about high road accident ratios and bustling throngs of people, youngsters and young adults will most likely be looking forward to the Go Summer Tour.

The Go Summer Tour is designed around this annual migration phenomenon and, because it caters to more than just coastal-town audiences, attendances are usually exceptional. Add to this the fun-loving, party-filled atmosphere which normally accompanies the holiday season and you will find that the vibe at thes gigs is amazing. The Go Summer Tour is powered (or sponsored) by Xbox 630 and it takes the form of a month-long, rock-music holiday circuit. The tour, which is usually held annually, will be taking place for the duration of the month of December with some of the country’s top rock acts taking to the stage in various coastal cities between Cape Town and Durban. This means that smaller cities also get to enjoy the excitement and, because of the boost in numbers, the concerts usually have an electric atmosphere.

This year the Go Summer Tour will feature nine bands playing in groups of three which in three separate legs. The first leg will feature the absolutely awesome Springbok Nude Girls, as well as the Finkelstiens and Scarlet Box. The second leg is made up of Wonderboom, Evolver and the Parlotones who have just signed an international music deal. The third leg will feature the much loved Prime Circle, Bloodmoney and Driverlane. If you are planning to be in either KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape or the Western Cape at one of the major coastal cities this summer, make sure that you catch at least one leg of the event. This year’s Go Summer Tour promises to be the best tour yet and should not be missed!