Umoja! The Spirit of Togetherness

If there is one thing that truly unite the people of South Africa, it is music. While
different people may prefer different styles, there is a beat which is ever constant – a
rhythm which continues to move us day after day. This is Umoja – the spirit of togetherness.
A showcase of the sounds and dancing which have carried Africans from generation to generation –
a showcase of the rhythm of the nation.

This energetic and colorful show basically tells the history of music and rhythm in South Africa.
The journey starts with the gentle and harmonious humming of woman as they work at their traditional
tasks, and breaks out into a furious warrior dance only to cascade into a breathtakingly sensual male
and female dance. This stunning introduction is followed by a number of traditional dances which make
way to more modern European influences such as gospel and acapella, swing and jive. The style of must
may have changed but the rhythm remains unmistakably African. As the music moves to our present day, the
modern sounds of Kwasa Kwasa, Kwela and Kwaito are eventually heard.

The show is so incredibly powerful in its delivery that you’ll likely find yourself with goose flesh at
some point and your feet tapping at another. You may even find yourself wanting to get up and dance home!
UMOJA has been well received in Britain, Australia, France, Russia, Singapore, The Netherlands, Japan,
Israel, Germany, Sweden, Italy, New York and of course, South Africa. Finally this brilliant not-to-be-missed
show is returning home to deliver their energetic performances on African soil. Performances will take place
at the Springs Civic Theater, Johannesburg, from the 24th of March to the 2nd of April. Tickets and further
information can be obtained from Computicket.

UMOJA 24/03/06 – 02/04/06