Vaal Meander

Usually when creative people get together to brainstorm an idea, one can expect a masterpiece, and in the establishment of Vaal Meander this is just the case. A mere hours drive away from the bustling city of Johannesburg awaits a world of beauty, creativity and relaxation that has become a popular getaway for locals, the perfect venue for special occasions and a chance for tourists to discover the quieter side of South Africa, while being close to towns and cities.

The idea of the Vaal Meander originated amongst a group of local crafters and artists approximately fourteen years ago. There are many cozy accommodations found along the Vaal Meander for visitors who prefer to stay over a few nights and explore this fascinating region. Tours and guided walks offer visitors the opportunity to learn interesting details about the Vaal Meander and the attractions located in the surrounding areas. This wonderful experience provides visitors with the prospect of seeing the creative masters at work, and maybe even find a work of art to take home.

There are a number of attractions and activities that form part of the Vaal Meander, including sport facilities, water sports, boating, outdoor adventure centers, craft stores and factories, and art studios, to name a few. Hiking trails through the picturesque landscapes give visitors access to the breathtaking scenery and vegetation of the Vaal Meander and the many fascinating animals that call the region home. There are various events held throughout the year and many businesses have opened their doors here, as the Vaal Meander has created a tourism infrastructure which promotes the area. The Vaal Dam is a favorite picnic area where families can enjoy an afternoon of fun and tranquility. Entertainment is also available in the evenings and quaint restaurants have delicious and varied menus for visitors to choose from. The Vaal Meander started as a wonderful tourism initiative, but has grown into an attraction on its own. Exploring the Vaal Meander is a creative and memorable adventure, where the beauty of nature and the discovery of local artistry come together.