Wavescapes Surf Film Festival 2008

The Wavescapes Surf Film Festival is more than just a film festival that showcases documentaries and artistic eulogies, it is an event that is trying to raise awareness to the danger that sharks across the world are in. Together with Save Our Seas Foundation, the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival strives to educate the public that sharks are not the great threat they are perceived to be and that the slaughter of millions of sharks a year could lead to their extinction and have a major impact on the environment should they no longer exist. Wavescapes Surf Film Festival is all about nature, surfing and the relationship that surfers share with the big blue ocean.

This year, the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, between the 26th of November and the 14th of December 2008. The first day of film screenings takes place on the 5th of December, and is an outdoor screening of some the films that will begin at Clifton Fourth Beach, depending on the weather, after which the screening of the films will be hosted by the Brass Bell, Kalk Bay, between the 7th and the 10th of December, and then moving to Labia Cinema in town, from the 11th to the 14th of December 2008.

Waterman is one of the films surfers can look forward to, as they journey through the history of surfing and the evolution of the sport throughout the years. The film Out There looks at surfing sites that have become endangered due to pollution and development and showcases the surfing of some of the sports’ best; while One Track Mind takes a look at some of the pro surfers around the world, combining footage and interviews to highlight the thoughts and the passions of surfers. Between the Lines follows the story of two men, one who decided to fight as a soldier in the Vietnam War and the other who decides to surf, and how the ocean healed many war wounds, internally. A heartwarming story of two brothers who have overcome their disadvantaged lives through surfing, can be seen in the film Zulu Surf Riders and other films that festival enthusiasts can look forward to include Mundaka, Sliding Liberia, Bustin Down The Door, Sea Fever, 1st And Hope, Thread, Beneath The Surface, Sharkwater and Shark Angels.

The VEO Gallery will be hosting an exhibition for the festival from the 26th of November to the 3rd of December, with breathtaking ocean, surfing and shark photography on display as well as interestingly decorated surfboards, done by some of the best artists. The surfboards will go on auction to raise funds for the NSRI and for Shark Spotters; and autographed photos will also be available to festival goers to purchase. To support the conservation of the oceans and the sport of surfing, visit the exciting and entertaining Wavescapes Surf Film Festival in South Africa.