Why Invest in South Africa?

South Africa is a country filled with diversity and opportunity. More and more people are coming to see this country, at the southern tip of Africa, as a great place to invest their money. Why? Over time South Africa has proved itself to be developing a dynamic emerging market economy. There are also a variety of opportunities in different sectors for those interested in putting their money into South Africa. Let us take a closer look at what South Africa has to offer foreign businesses.

South Africa’s economy presents foreign investors with an abundance of opportunities in all of its sectors. However, certain sectors do take the lead in growth potential. These include Agriprocessing, Automotive, Fishing, Banking and financial services, Mining and minerals, Chemicals, Property, Textiles, Tourism and Telecoms. South Africa’s stock market is ripe for investment and the government has certainly done much to promote investment from other countries. There are many excellent reasons for doing this.

One reason is the healthy business and legal environment. South Africa has a well-developed legal framework in matters relating to labor and commerce. They have adopted international standards regarding patents, trademarks, competition, copyright and disputes. Banking regulations are amongst the greatest in the world and banking facilities are top-standard. Another matter to consider is South Africa’s economic policies. Various new policies have been put in place so as to produce a macro-economic environment that is very stable. The Reserve Bank of South Africa is completely independent from the country’s government and has implemented programs to stabilize interest rates and other important elements. South Africa also boasts fantastic infrastructure with world-class telecommunications and well managed transportation system.

Let us consider another good reason for doing business in the country: South Africa has entered into several free trade agreements and has introduced a reduction in tariffs. These trade agreements include the SA-EU Free Trade Agreement and SADC Free Trade Agreement. Additionally, South Africa provides good access to various markets, both by sea (to the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans) as well as on land (through the rest of Africa). Surveys have revealed that South Africa is one of the least expensive places, with excellent facilities, in the world to do business. Certain reports have also stated that South Africa ranks amongst the top countries for ease of doing business.

This just gives you a limited insight into why South Africa is a great country to do business in and hopefully it has whet your appetite to find out more. As you delve into the various business opportunities available in this exquisite country, you are certain to be impressed.