Wolkberg Wilderness Area Outdoor Adventure

Hikers and outdoor adventurers are always looking for challenging journeys to test their fitness levels and their skills. Carving new routes and making their own trails is every hikers dream, and thus the Wolkberg Wilderness Area in the Limpopo Province is a very popular destination for serious hikers. Due to its location near Haenertsburg, the Wolkberg Wilderness Area incorporates parts of the Strydpoort Mountain ranges and the famous Drakensberg. It is a destination that offers remote camping sites, the ultimate natural expedition and tranquility that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the country.

The most important point to be noted regarding the Wolkberg Wilderness Area is that it is only for very experienced hikers. The terrain is rugged with no clear trails and the landscape consists of mountains, dense forest areas, cliffs, water streams and valleys, making it an ultimate survival challenge. Hikers take along their own tents, food, water supplies and utensils, because after they have left the Sarala Forest Station there are no facilities, it is just the hikers and Mother Nature. Even though this area is treacherous and challenging, it is worth the effort. Hikers are able to marvel at forests filled with wild fig and peach trees, view massive untouched yellowwood trees and cool off in the clear waters of the waterfalls. There is also a wonderful selection of wildlife to be seen, such as mountain reedbuck, samango monkeys, leopards, vervet monkeys, brown hyena and duikers. Bird watching enthusiasts will also be able to view colorful species including the bat hawk, pearlbreasted swallow, hamerkop, crested falcon, lilac breasted roller and black eagle.

The Wolkberg Wilderness Area became a protect area in 1977 and covers approximately twenty-two thousand hectares. Rivers such as the Letsitele, Letaba and the Thabina are located within this breathtaking wilderness area. Landmark sites, including the Black Reef Series, provide unforgettable sights. Hikers are recommended to wear comfortable hiking gear and to pack additional food, as weather conditions do change and if they need to camp an extra night they should be prepared for it. Everyone is also reminded and requested to keep the Wolkberg Wilderness Area as pristine as it now is, and to respect nature and its beauty.