Woodstock Festival South Africa

For the last seven years the South African Woodstock festival has been successfully
held on an annual basis. The festival has been held at different venues throughout the
country and 2006 is will see the eight edition of the Woodstock festival take place at
Hartebeespoort Holiday Resort.

Woodstock is one of the country’s largest youth music festivals and it features a variety
of music styles. The festival also has a variety of different alternative sports, a number of
flea markets and traders. For the more ‘mature’ youth, there are pubs and bar areas and ‘chill
zones’. The festival takes place over four days and features music from both well known artists
and relatively up-and-coming unknowns.

The venue at Hartebeespoort Holiday Resort looks like it may be the new permanent home of the
festival. It is somewhat ideal as it has a lot of facilities which cater to all sorts of ages
and tastes. Woodstock 8 will take place from the 28th of September to the 1st of October 2006 and
band submissions will close on the 31st of May. Concert tickets are well-priced and include many
benefits. Book now to enjoy one of South Africa’s best youth festivals!