Job Listings

South Africa is often referred to as 'the Land of Opportunity' - and for many South African's it truly is such a place. However thousands of others find the job market to be saturated. It is an unfortunate fact that many locals live in poverty. However, in a country where just about anything goes, a little initiative and a great plan is usually all it takes to help lift many of these people out of their bad situations - that, or winning the national lottery!

The job market in this beautiful country is incredibly diverse. Millions join the ranks of unskilled, low-level employment on a daily basis. Still others tend to compete for semi-skilled and skilled positions at the end of each year when a new group of university graduates attempt to join the ranks of the employed. Still others strike out on their own in an ever growing, ever-changing private business market - and it is really here where the country finds its strength as far as jobs in South Africa are concerned. From small road-side stalls to huge factories, this country has a unique way of supporting almost all of its roughly 9.6 million people.

We at, are in the process of trying to create a job-listing service to everyone out there who might be interested in finding a job in South Africa. So whether you're looking for a job or hoping to provide jobs, South Africa's best website may soon be the best place to look! Check back soon to see if this service is running yet. We hope that it will help millions of South Africans find the jobs that they are looking for.