Harbours and Ports of South Africa

International trade is an essential element of a prosperous economy. Since sea transport is usually the most economical way to move bulk stock, the majority of international trade depends on efficient harbors. Sea transport certainly plays a large role in South Africa’s international trade and a number of ports around the country cater to various industries – seeing to both imports and exports between any number of countries.

We are well aware that a number of those visiting SouthAfrica.com are investors who are looking at potential investment opportunities in the country. If you are such an investor, you will be pleased to know that South Africa has a large number of seaports – the vast majority of which are common user ports that cater to commercial traffic. Most of these ports were established for the exportation of one or more items in bulk – usually coal, wood or grain – but most of them have been expanded and upgraded to cater for importation as well. Besides this, the variety of goods being exported from South Africa has grown immensely and today all trade partners are able to benefit from the country’s excellent port infrastructure.

South Africa is also a known tourist destination and it has miles of beautiful coastline. This makes it a favorite place for large passenger liners to make berth. Frequently passenger liners will stop at several harbors or South African ports as they make their way around the country giving passengers a good chance to see different areas of the country. If you are planning such a trip, or perhaps even planning a personalized yacht trip to the country, it is useful to know where the various harbors are along the coastline so that you can best plan your time spent at each one.

The aim of this section on South African ports is to provide some basic information about all the major ports around the country, so that both international visitors and investors can make better-informed decisions. This will hopefully lead to better relations and more enjoyable holidays for all involved.

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