Port of East London

There are a few features that make the Port of East London truly unique. The first, and most significant fact about the East London port, is that it is the only river port in the country, being located at the Buffalo River mouth. Secondly, the port is home to one of South Africa’s largest grain elevators, making the harbor a popular export harbor for the grain industry. It is not as large as most ports, when compared to other coastal harbors such as Port Elizabeth, but still exceeds its fifty thousand unit traffic each year.

Facilities for the maritime community to make use of at the East London port, includes a dry dock, electric and mobile cranes, pilot jetty, repair quay, tugs, fishing jetty and commercial berths. Another luxury feature and attraction in the port is the Latimer’s Landing Waterfront which offers restaurants, hotel accommodation and shops. The East London port most certainly does not allow the fact of it being a river port; inhibit its services and facilities to the ocean going community.

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