Australian Trade Commission in South Africa

With its offices situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, the Australian Trade Commission, or Austrade, aims to provide a range of trade-related services to companies in South Africa as well as the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. These services include providing comprehensive details of products and services to be sourced from Australia; assistance in identifying potential trade and business partners in Australia; acting as a resource center for Australian reference documents and business directories; and providing information on investment opportunities in Australia. Austrade also offers the service of facilitating business and industry investments between Australia and the African countries it oversees in this regard.

While the Australian High Commission in Pretoria includes representatives of various departments of the Australian Government, the sourcing of Australian goods and services, as well as business and industry investments, would be done through the Austrade offices in Sandton. Importing from Australia would be done with the assistance of Austrade, whereas exporting to Australia would require the approval of the South African Department of Trade and Industry in Pretoria.

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