New Zealand Trade and Enterprise in South Africa

With offices located in Parkhurst, Johannesburg, the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) promotes the interests of New Zealand based companies in South Africa through the establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial trading partnerships. Focusing on market sectors and industries which have long-term sustainability, the NZTE seeks to improve the country’s business environment by assisting local businesses to reach markets outside of New Zealand's domestic market, and this is where the role of the NZTE office in South Africa plays a crucial role.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise provides a wide range of services and programs to assist businesses right at the outset. These services include market research, networking, and partnering, as well as training and funding assistance. The NTZE provides New Zealand companies with information regarding South Africa, while at the same time providing information on New Zealand to South Africans exploring the possibilities of entering into a trading relationship. With the world becoming more of a global village each day, countries are becoming more interdependent in an effort to keep their economies healthy, and adapting to these changes, the NZTE in Johannesburg successfully facilitates trade between South Africa and New Zealand.

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