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About SouthAfrica.com

Established in 1995, SouthAfrica.com was one of the first web sites devoted exclusively to South Africa and has been continuously owned by the same company. Throughout our history, SouthAfrica.com has been among the most popular web sites about SouthAfrica. Each year we attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Why Be Listed on the SouthAfrica.com Directory?

Each day thousands of visitors and consumers come to SouthAfrica.com to research and compare prices for travel services relating to hotels, dining, lodging, area guides, recreation, and travel related activities.

What is Unique About SouthAfrica.com?

One of the unique characteristics of SouthAfrica.com is the power of our brand and its universal appeal to highly targeted audiences of travelers and people interested in visiting South Africa. Unlike other travel sites, SouthAfrica.com has a ten-year track record of delivering a focused marketplace of ready, willing and able consumers and highly targeted audiences interested in travel, hospitality, accommodations, entertainment, local activities, and attractions in South Africa.

What Businesses Can Appear on SouthAfrica.com?

You must be the owner, proprietor or representative of a travel-related business in South Africa providing travel or hospitality services such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, boat charters, shops, theaters, sporting venues and airlines.

What Types of Listings Are Available?

There are two types of business listings: A Free Service and a Premium Service.

Free Service. The free service allows the business establishment to appear in the directory based upon its business category. A form is required to be completed so we can verify that the business meets our review and quality standards. A sample of a free advertisement can be seen here.

Premium Service. This service is commission free- that is, there are NO COMMISSIONS OR FEES paid to us. The only costs to the merchant is an annual fee paid to SouthAfrica.com. With the the Premium Service, the merchant works directly with its customers that originate from our site. The Premium Service enables merchants to create an online profile and detailed description of their business, upload photos, and post customer reviews. A sample of our Premium Listing is viewable by clicking here.

What Do I Get When Buying a Premium Listing?

SouthAfrica.com has years of experience working with advertisers and has delivered consistent and quantifiable results for companies catering to both business and leisure travelers. As part of our Premium Service we deliver:

Analytical Services: SouthAfrica.com possesses historical, non-public data in the form of analytical metrics and case studies that may help us assist you with creating targeted and effective marketing campaigns in the quantity, frequency and duration desired.

Reporting Services: As part of each advertising or sponsorship campaign, we offer access to free online real time data, demographic and key statistical reporting tools.

How Do I Add My Business Establishment to the Directory?

If you would like your business or establishment to be considered for inclusion in the SouthAfrica.com business directory, then you will need to complete our online form.


Only one business listing per business establishment or travel business on the free service. We reserve the right to disapprove, remove or decline, without recourse by the listing entity, any application for any reason that we may deem necessary. Travel agencies, booking sites (such as Kayak, Expedia) affiliate programs, lead-gen programs and other similar businesses shall not be eligible for the directory but may be wish to be considered as an advertiser. Any decision whether to accept any business into the SouthAfrica.com Directory shall be at our sole and absolute discretion.