South African Flag

As the previous South African flag was considered a symbol of the oppressive powers that once ruled the country, a new flag was designed for South Africa and hoisted for the very first time on 27 April 1994. South Africans are extremely proud of their new colorful flag that is now a symbol of hope. Its unique design and distinctive colors reminds everyone of the diversity and exceptionality of South Africa and its people. Designed by Mr. F. Bronwell, the flag is not just a colorful display, but a representation of the country.

Most distinctive is the V shape (in green) that runs from the pole side into a line that runs through the centre of the flag, to make the shape of a Y. Yellow and white lines surround the Y, with the triangle shape, in the V, being black in color. Blue and red then completes the flag and even though its meaning is not official, it is felt that the colors represent the diversity of the country. The V shape however is a symbol of moving towards the future together, enhancing the South African National Coat of Arms motto, which is “Unity in Strength”.

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