Jewellery from South Africa

For centuries fine jewelry has been a mark of prominence and prosperity. It has decorated and defined, adding luster to the body as an intricate paint stroke does to a masterpiece. Single masterpieces have served as a token of love, a sign of endearment and a treasured heirloom. The preciousness of a perfectly set stone has been treasured throughout history.

South African Jewellery has its place in this glittering world of splendor. South Africa is recognized as a reliable
supplier of diamonds, gold, silver and precious stones. At one stage, it was producing some of the largest and most magnificent
diamonds known to mankind. Today, it still furnishes the market with these high value goods but it is also home to some
exceptionally skilled jewellery crafters.

Jewellery stores can be found throughout South Africa in malls and shopping centres. Numerous pieces featuring African wildlife and themes make the ideal gift for a loved one back home. Be sure to shop around for the best prices and quality though.

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