Radio Stations in South Africa

It is estimated that there are approximately ten million listeners in South Africa, and with so many technological breakthroughs, listeners can now tune into their favorite radio stations via satellite and audio streaming as secondary options. It also gives those who are out of the country availability to radio stations in South Africa. Since the apartheid era came to an end, the public have been able to enjoy a variety of stations in each of the official languages of the country.

Each station either targets their own market, such as the youths or the older generation, or tries to accommodate everyone, offering a variety of different shows and DJs. Some of the radio stations in South Africa include Metro FM, 5FM, Algoa FM, Channel Africa, Radio Sonder Grense and East Coast Radio. All broadcasts are monitored, and listeners can submit any comments or complaints to one of the broadcasting authorities, such as the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, the National Association of Broadcasters and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission.

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