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Shrimp Mince Filled Pancakes(chinese cuisine)

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  • Shrimp Mince Filled Pancakes(chinese cuisine)

    300g fresh shrimps
    2 eggs


    Clean and mash the shrimps, add cooking wine, salt, MSG and sodium bicarbonate and stiring in one direction mix together, freeze for 2 hours.
    Make egg pancakes out of the eggs.
    Spread the shrimp mix on the pancakes, roll up the pancakes, seal the ends with beaten egg.
    Roll the rolls in dry flour then deep fry in 6 hot oil.

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    Spareribs With Sauce

    400g pork fillets with bones
    75g Chinese water chestnuts
    50g tomato ketchup
    0.5g curry sauce
    0.5g sesame paste

    Leave only a narrow strip of bone on the fillets, beat the meat, with the side of a cleaver, horizontally and vertically three times, then cut perpendicular to the bone into strips.
    Slice the Chinese water chestnuts.
    Mix tomato ketchup, curry sauce, sesame paste, MSG, stock and orange juice, for the sauce.
    Deep-fry the fillets and sliced water chestnuts in oil until golden, pour in the sauce and thicken.
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      Litchi-shaped Pork

      300g lean pork
      100g sliced Chinese water chestnuts
      15g scallion
      3g crushed garlic
      50g tomoto ketchup

      Cut the pork into pieces, cut a crisscross on each piece, add to the Chinese water chestnut slices, and mix well with cornstarch solution.
      Add condiments to clear soup to make a spicy sauce.
      Deep-fry the pork slices and water chestnut slices for two minutes, remove when in the shape of litchi.
      Saute minced garlic and scallion stalks, pour in the tomato ketchup spicy sauce, then the pork and water chestnut slices,toss.