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Breast covered with Mushrooms

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  • Breast covered with Mushrooms

    Breast of Chicken
    YIELD: 8 (1 Servings)COST: $29,47
    PREP: 55 minsCOOK: 60 minsREADY IN: 1 hr 55 mins
    Breast of chicken in oven, each breast covered with mushrooms and onions mayo dressing. on side, baked potatoes, beetroot salad and carrot salad Thai style.

    2 kg Breast of chicken Cut them up in two halfs,
    500 gram mushroom caps Fryed on pan whole
    2 pc Onions Chopped up, as you like, frye on pan
    4 dl mayo The one you like
    8 pc baking potatoes BIG, one for each person
    ground salt and pepper
    500 gram Mozzerella chees

    Clean potatoes, leave skin on. Wrap them in alu foil, put them in oven at 200 degree celsius, leave them for 1 1/2 , 2 hours. Fry Mushrooms on pan, alone. Put aside and fry onions on pan, not much just until they becom glassy. mix onions and mayo, Put aside. Use a meat hammer on the halfend chicken breasts, put sallt and pepper on. Put the breasts on a plate for the oven, arrange the mushroomes on top and thereafter the onion mayo mix. cover with mozzerella chees. bake it in the oven together with the potatoe for about 1 hour. Enjoy

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