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    This may be the most racist argument I have ever witnessed in my 16 years on this earth.

    They say that the mind of a child is truly wondrous, so let me try to impart some of my post-childhood wisdom into your thick skulls (and here I refer to a select few of you who so shamelessly defend either the natives or the settlers). To my knowledge, Jan van Riebeeck fired the first shot, when one of the natives looked sort of threatening. His man crossbowed the poor tribesman, and from there it was all-out war. Of course the natives would act scared, since they have never seen anything as strange as the Dutch.

    Secondly, woundedsoul - you keep saying you are only trying to face facts and not defend colonialism or slavery. Yet, somehow, you seem to be not defending colonialism an afwul lot. APARTHEID NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED!! The tribesmen should not have tried to scare off the Dutch. The Dutch should not have fired. The natives should not have retaliated. In the end, you can boil this argument down to "who started it", but the fact of the matter is: all parties involved had a hand in forging the legacy that became apartheid.

    Please, people, enough with the biased comments already. This is exactly what is causing our country to suffer, and it is also the reason why Australia is not a third world country, but we are. Affirmative action was a step in the right direction, but the government way overshot it, and ended up with white males being, by far, the most disadvantaged group in South Africa. Now is the time to reconcile our differences, forget the past, and forge ahead into a truly new South Africa.

    Besides, we can't let the Aussies beat us now, can we?


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      Originally posted by Tantum
      This may be the most racist argument I have ever witnessed in my 16 years on this earth.

      ha-ha!! have you looked at the rest of the board?
      Anyway, welcome, please do stick around - it's good to have some more level headed people here!
      And heck yeah! Can't let the Aussies beat us!!


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        Red for the blood that's been shed
        For the peace and growth
        Black for continent
        We all call home

        Green for the land
        On which we dwell
        Blue the ocean
        The waves, the swell

        Yellow for the sun,
        In the African sky
        It warms our bodies
        From way up

        Love for the people
        The cultures, the colours
        United together
        Sisters and brothers

        Proudly we stand adults and children
        Hand in hand
        Proudly South African

        Natalie Karr

        and hey, our flag may be colourful, but,

        Viva the Bokke!


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          Hey Liza81.

          Being an objective arbiter is a hard life. Sadly, it seems that that kind of service is needed more and more in the world, especially in SA. I honestly wish for a few things: that the government would think again about what affirmative action is doing to white males; that they do proper research on school subjects before subjecting them to the OBE treatment; and that the UN would do something about Zimbabwe.

          About that last point: I heard that something like 21 000 people were killed in Zimbabwe the past year. 5 000 die on Sept 11, and suddenly the world is "at war", but 21 000?! That seems like four times as many reasons to go to war.

          Oh, and about the OBE thing: this is way off-topic, but I did a maths project (in fact, I'm still working on it) in which I interview four proffessionals who use maths as a groundwork for their career. It turns out that only 75% of the recognized OBE Maths National Curriculum Statement applies in real-world jobs such as engineering, credit management and actuarial sciences. What is this world coming to...

          Back to Mugabe: I do not know whether you are a Christian, liza81, but I am, and I would like to quote the Bible here (it's in Afrikaans, since that is my mother language, but bear with me): 'n Seun sal nie die straf op sy pa se sonde dra nie, en 'n pa sal nie die straf op sy seun se sonde dra nie. Whether you believe in Christ or not, that about sums it up: White people as a group cannot be held responsible for what their predecessors did.



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            Tantum - as jy 'n draaitjie op die 'language' bord gaan maak sal jy gou sien ek is ook Afrikaans. Ek stem saam, die bybel versie som dit baie mooi op.

            We have the same sort of hopes for RSA - we just want things to be a bit better for everybody, eh?


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              I want to say hi

              My name is Derek and
              I'm glad to join to this forum.
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                Flag design

                Seems like the flag is too complicated. It is not easy to get all the proportions right and even when perfectly proportioned appears to be subject to an optical illusion making it look unsymmetrical or distorted when viewed from different angles. Maybe it should really be simplified by removing the left side triangular part and the white strips leaving only the red, green and blue horizontal stripes. It also seems illogical to require the red stripe to be on the left when hanging vertically as no way of turning the flag from its horizontal position with red on top and triangle on left will produce this arrangement.


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                  Originally posted by Jaybang View Post
                  10 Points awarded to Vyfbop !!


                  It is nice, a Jamaica flag embedded into a dutch flag.


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                    Originally posted by Foambather
                    I'm afraid all I see is the ANC colors (black, yellow, green) oppressing Afrikaner/Dutch heritage (red, white, blue). Guess it's very fitting.

                    We need a new flag soon.

                    Teach them the real history. teach them thar U are the only white people who hasn't done massacre in Africa.

                    They will understand.

                    Only the marxist have build the might of oppression, better was a unfair regime, but not comparable with other European colonization and later native dictatorships.

                    Overall marxist dictatorships.


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                      Originally posted by Foambather
                      That's a good idea. But I still want another flag. This one's not sophisticated enough.

                      Look at this for example:

                      Compate it to this garbage:

                      I don't mean I want the one at the top back; I'm just saying it just looks so much more sophisticated and official and intelligently superior and the colors are pleasing to the eyes, and it's just plan beautiful. Not all sterile democratically correct ANC praising propaganda. The latter flag isn't all bad, but it looks inferior to be honest.

                      I'll just design my own flag and use that for my own personal representation of South Africa. It will be a work of art, dazzling, beautiful, and the mere sight will scream status-symbol! Y'all can feel free to use it too. Will post it whenever its done.
                      I prefer the second because It hasn't UK flag.

                      Tell to black people the real history of Ur nation, from hugonote massacre to struggle with Britons.

                      Tell to black people that U are both victims of British colonization.

                      Brits are able to put ones versus others, like creation of Pakistan,

                      Real shame, territories with same language divided, millions person forced to migrate, 2 theocracy created. one against other.

                      For 1000 years brits set an euro nation against other.


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                        Originally posted by Foambather
                        They most certainly did. That's what Rotschild Illuminat strategy is: Get groups to fight each other, and then take over through infiltration in the chaos.

                        Anyway yeah, I never did like the English flag on it to be honest. But that can most easily be removed. Maybe the bottom flag should go onto that other flag in place of the English flag.

                        But won't that offend the English?
                        Who destroy Ur nation are Englishmen, non black Africans.

                        To remove ? Done.


                        Black people are beautiful people, stay close them, and protect them from demagogues.

                        I must protect Italians,. but they love too many demagogues.


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                          Originally posted by Foambather
                          They're mine!!! Africans are all mine!!! .
                          All the world is mine.

                          I am the Prince of Universe.

                          Princes Of The Universe- Queen - YouTube