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    I'm curious. Did the end of apartheid bring the initiation of any organized hate groups? I'm talking about groups such as the Ku Klux Klan who formed after the end of the civil war in the United States.

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    Nope. The closest thing is PAGAD (People Against Gangsterism And Drugs) which was a vigilante organization of mostly Muslims on the Cape Flats that arose in the mid-90s. Their "highest" point was when they murdered a gang leader, Rashaad Staggie, on live TV news. PAGAD would probably have been crushed by the police state under apartheid, but it was eventually stopped, or at least reined in, by the police. People Against Gangsterism and Drugs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Vigilantism v. the State: A case study of the rise and fall of Pagad, 1996 - 2000 - ISS Paper No 99, February 2005


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      hate groups

      don't you think it depends what you define as a hate group, where would you lay the boundaries ?


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        [QUOTE=Bowiefan871;32137] Did the end of apartheid bring the initiation of any organized hate groups?/QUOTE]

        Yes, the ANC

        The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us,
        And I for one must be content to remain an agnostic
        ...Charles Darwin...


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          Originally posted by Bowiefan871 View Post
          Did the end of apartheid bring the initiation of any organized hate groups?/QUOTE]

          Yes, the ANC
          Spot on Moon!


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            The ANC wasn`t `initiated` at the end of Aparthied - It was `unbanned` along with the SACP and Umkhonto in February 1990, and I came home in May after having my house busted and robbed three times.


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              Afrikaner Nation?

              Im from usa so just from searching on the web i found Afrikaner Nation or something...

              There wikipedia has a flag that resembles the Nazi swasticker and calls for an all Afrikaner state with 1 language, 1 religion and self reliance on labour.

              I think groups like this are horrible for a DEVELOPING country. South Africa must remain unified, you can not undo the past but only change the future.

              From my liberterian americanized view the biggest problems in SA are crime, HIV, unemployment and most importantly RELIGION!

              I am considering ex-british empire countries to invest in approx 1.1-2.2 million in commercial real estate but with all the hate groups and racial tension in Africa it seems like India or New Zealand might be safer and more lucrative investment.

              The more I read about south african history the more upset i become.

              It sounds like it was a very nice country (for whites) under the Apartheid but the nation had 180 degree swing to the other side.

              An all white government one day, and an all black government the next?!

              This is no way to run a country!

              Segragation is an essential part of society and life in every country!

              But race should never play a factor!

              People should just be segrated by income and capital!

              If your stupid racist ancestors under stood this in the 1990's SA would have been a much nicer country for blacks and whites today!


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                Mr.Malema is leader of the hate group.