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Questions about 1980-1994

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  • Questions about 1980-1994

    I am an American and have only been looking at SA history for the past 5 days, and I have a lot of questions about your country.

    It seems like SA was the last country to keep segregation based on race (all countries are segregated by income).

    From what i read on the internet, the boers & brits moved black people into concentration camps and 2 of them were swaziland and lesotho. (Is this right historically?)

    Would you agree that the segregation was put in place to form unity between the poorer boers and wealthier brits in the 1940's? I heard this is why they started segregation in the usa, because the poor farmers did not like the wealthy slave owners. And by making it a white vs black thing helped the rich white slave owners stay in power.

    How did the blacks force the white people into a democratic vote?
    Why did the white people not fight back harder like in Israel? (Was it social reasons? Political? MiIitary?)
    I read 1.5 million people died, what were the demographics of the casualties?
    How did property rights change after the Apartheid?