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    Has anyone ever heard of Nicolaas P. Van Rensburg? He lived in the late 19th and early 20th century in the Transvaal. He was a deeply religious man and like Oom Paul, claimed to have read only one book in his life; the Bible.

    He made a number of prophesies nearly all of which were verified by witnesses. It is said that the reason that General De La Rey was able to elude the many ambushes the British set up for him was that Van Rensburg was able to 'see' them in his visions.

    He also predicted other events far into the future, among them both world wars and even Princess Diana's death with great and accurate detail.

    Curiiously, there are very few books about Van Rensburg, and not that many people have even heard of him outside of SA.

    Who said history is boring?