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  • Birthday translation

    Could someone help please.

    I am trying to learn Afrikaans so that I can speak to my girlfriend in her own language but I am only on the basics so far. It is her birthday this weekend and I want to send her a message telling her, happy birthday and how much I love her in a special way. Could someone (Liza maybe) translate the following into Afrikaans please. It's a bit long but I think you will get the drift of it (slightly anglicised version of Bokkie, sorry!)

    Here goes;

    What a Bokkie is!

    The person that comes first to your mind in the morning when you wake

    The last person you think of when you go to sleep.

    When something special happens, the first person you want to tell first.

    The person you always want to be with.

    The person you want to travel with and share new experiences.

    The person you share your dreams with.

    The person you trust with your life.

    The person you want to hold you when you are hurt or scared.

    The person you love more deeply than you ever thought possible.

    The person you want to laugh with,

    The person that makes your heart leap just because she came into the room.

    The person who's country fascinates you.

    The person you want to go shopping with.

    The person you want to go into the changing room with to try on clothes!

    The person you want to share your life with.

    The person you love.

    And you thought that bokkie was an Afrikaans term of endearment.

    It is actually an English word for the deepest love anyone can ever have!

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    You know, I gave that a stab, but at this time of night, with my woordeboek upstairs, I can't really do it justice. Definitely one for Liza. Of course, if Liza hasn't seen it by tomorrow, I'll get my woordeboek and have at it.

    If we don't get back to you in time, I'm pretty sure that the English version will knock her socks off though.


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      Birthday translation

      Hi Ches

      Thanks for the message. I know it's a tall order. Lets hope Liza can get to it in time.

      By the way, the Crazy Man tag comes from my meisie. She thinks we are all crazy living in England due to the weather. I have to say this is the second week of rain and it's mid-summer so perhaps she is correct.


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        With a little license, here's a translation. Sorry it's so late. Good luck with it!

        Wat is 'n Bokkie:

        Jou eerste gedagte van die dag is van haar. (Your first thought of the day is of her.)

        Jou laaste gedagtes voor jy begin droom is van haar. (Your last thoughts before you being to dream are of her.)

        Sy is die eerste persoon jy wil vertel as iets in die besonder gebeur. (She's the first person you tell when something special happens.)

        Jy wil altyd by haar wees. (You always want to be with her.)

        Jy wil met haar reis en elke nuwe belewenis met haar deel. (You want to travel with her and share every new experience.)

        Sy's die persoon met wie jy jou drome deel. (She's the person you want to share your dreams with.)

        Jy kan haar met jou lewe vertrou. (You can trust her with your life.)

        Sy's die een aan wie jy wil vashou ingeval jy seer of bevrees voel. (She's the one you want to hold when you hurt or are scared.)

        Jy het nooit besef dat 'n liefde kon so diep wees as die liefde wat jy voel vir haar nie. (You never realised a love could be as deep as the love you feel for her.)

        Sy's die een saam met wie jy wil lag. (She's the one you want to laugh with.)

        Sy's die een wie jou asem wegslaan net want sy binne in die kamer stap. (She's the one who takes your breath away* just because she walked in the room.)
        *This is how my dictionary translated "heart skips a beat."

        Haar land betower jou. (Her country fascinates you.)

        Jy wil 'n ent deur die winkelsentrum met haar stap. (You want to walk around a shopping centre with her. -- "Jy wil inkopies doen met haar" sounds more like grocery shopping.)

        Jy wil saam met haar in die kleedkamer gaan om klere aan te pas! (You want to go into the changing room with her to try on clothes.)

        Jy wil jou hele lewe met haar deel. (You want to share your whole life with her.)

        Sy's die een op wie jy verlief is. (She's the one you're in love with.)

        Jy dog "bokkie" was 'n Afrikaanse bynaam. Dis eintlik die Engelse woord vir die diepste liefde wat 'n mens ooit kan voel vir iemand. (I wasn't sure if you wanted this translated!)


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          Birthday translation

          Hi Ches

          Thank you so much.

          It is not late, I still have a day to spare.

          I will let you know the result, good I hope!

          Once again, many thanks for your help.


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            Hey, sorry guys! I haven't really spent much time online this summer.

            Ches, thanks for picking up my slack. Your translation's topnotch. Here and there the word order is a bit wrong (read, like english - just like my word order in English is sometimes a bit like Afrikaans, especially when I dead-tired, I find) but I think, if I was a Afrikaans girl, and my english-speaking boyfriend brought me something like that it would make it so very endearing. More authentic, or something like that. So I'm not going to post how I would have translated it, it's past Crazyman's date of need, and your version if wonderful.

            Crazyman, did you use the translation, and how did it go? By the way, for future reference, if you post anything in the guestbook, it sends an automatic email to me, and I do regularly check my e-mail. So you're welcome to put a "hey, come check the language forum" if you need me to show up here.


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              Birthday message

              Hi Liza/Ches

              Sorry for the delay, it took several days to get her to stop kissing me!

              Wow! did it work perfectly!

              A Birthday cake with "Happy Birthday Bokkie Chops" (first she had since being a kid!) and your translation just made it perfect.

              Caused more than a few tears of joy.

              Thank you both for taking the time to help me out.

              I think that I may be thanking you for the rest of my life or inviting you to the wedding!


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                Well I'm glad it worked out well for you. Good luck!