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Help with Afrikaans.

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  • Help with Afrikaans.

    Could someone please clarify for me when to use "het" instead of "is" when speaking in Afrikaans?

    I sometimes get them mixed up.

    I am ===> Ek is?
    I have ===> Ek het?
    I had ===> Ek het?

    I still get this mixed up and I don't always know why (I can't actually think of any good examples at the moment. What I gave above was just off the top of my head. It is a reoccurring problem for me.

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    That is correct. Practice makes perfect so keep talking the language and soon you will have no confusions.


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      I need help afrikaans translation

      My mother was ill for many years before passing away. I got a tattoo in Afrikaans on my back after her passing in memory of her. I used a couple of online translation sites and I think the words might be in the wrong order. I hope someone can help me.
      I initially wanted the to say "let her strength be with me". I then changed it to "strength be with me". It was translated to "sterkte wees met my". Is this correct, or could I add something before or after these words to make my tattoo correct. Thank you.