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Why call my movie EENDAG?

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  • Why call my movie EENDAG?

    "Why", ask many a people, or at least a few, "do you call your movie EENDAG?"

    Well, naming a movie isn't easy. It used to be that you have to give a movie a catchy title. Then it became you have to name it something with the keywords that get searched a lot online. Then, it became... meh, what do I know? Nothing about giving a movie a title really. Aside from giving my movie the title EENDAG.

    Naming my movie wasn't easy. There are so many billions of words in a multitude of languages to choose from.

    There was a time I called it "The Mystery Of The Kronobot".

    Then there was a time I called it "KRONOBOTZ".

    Then, there was a time I called it "My Creation".

    Then, there was a time I called it... something else. Too many names to remember.

    What is that one thing that captures the essence of the movie?

    Turns out it's EENDAG. Or so I decided one day, and by george, I'm going to stick to it.

    EENDAG means One Day in Afrikaans, as in One Day something is going to happen or be accomplished. Perfect.

    EENDAG can also be interpreted in the past tense, asin EENDAG WAS DAAR, which is how many stories start, in which case it means "Once upon a time (there was)".

    Now, seeing as this movie contains a lot of reflection on the past, present and future, as well as direct time travel, and it takes place over a lifetime, EENDAG seemed the perfect title to capture the time aspects of There was, a count of day (out of life; time span), and One Day there is going to be.

    So, this may not be a catchy or sexy or popular title, but it kinda captures the essence of the story. I hope you can like it once you get used to it.

    EENDAG baby!! Yeah!
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