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  • What is EENDAG about?

    So, what is my movie EENDAG about you ask? Or if you didn't ask, you can read about it anyway since that is what I'm going to discuss here:

    Like most young ambitious people, Kevin sees that although the modern civilized world is up and at it, it's by no means perfect. Life is still too difficult for humans to fulfil their true life dreams, because they're too busy with being in a frenzy just to scrape enough cash together. There simply is no time to do what is really important.

    So what's the solution? A completely new societal system overhaul?

    No. Kevin has a much simpler idea.

    Just like some people make money automatically with automated websites, the manual labour folk also need automated machines that they can rent out to companies.

    This way, the robots, or workbots, do the work and earn their owners income, and need minimum input from humans, leaving their human owners with lots of free time to either drink themselves silly, or do the things that are important, like raise their families or work on accomplishing their life dreams and developing their talents and all such things that an advanced human race would do. Whatever that is. We can't know for sure until we're there.

    And so, Kevin starts designing his robots that will improve life for everyone.

    But, alas, an evil computer nerd called Muyz targets Kevin and decides that there's far too much potential in Kevin's creations, to just let Kevin use them for good. These machines can help Muyz become the most powerful figure in the known universe!

    What's Kevin to do? Kill his projects? Nope, that wont work, because accidentally Kevin must have stumbled across the secret of time travel some time in the future. Now Muyz can just undo whatever Kevin does to kill his projects before they begin, by simply sending them back in time and making sure Kevin doesn't do it. The projects WILL go on, that's Muyz' final decision.

    So... how will Kevin make the best out of a sticky situation? For one thing, he has to keep detailed records of his life, so he can refer to it every time he suspects time has been changed.

    Fortunately, Kevin has a few characters in his life that are on his side, or at least not against him. And of course he has his trusty furry friend, Majoor Blaffinski, who is always by his side throughout his adventures. Majoor Blaffinski can't do much but at least he's nice to pet when Kevin feels down.

    Allrighty, dear reader, hopefully before long I can show you something on film. I'll keep working on it.

    Stay cool!
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