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The morning sunset: The day the sun set in the morning

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  • The morning sunset: The day the sun set in the morning

    Recently the scene we shot entailed Kevin looking up from his book he is reflecting on his life from, seeing it's sunset, and going indoors.

    Easy to film, right? Simply film it at sunset.

    But, as you might know, time sometimes doesn't co-operate with you. Even though we rushed to be all set up and ready when the sun sets, the sun still set before we had everything in place.

    What to do now? My first idea was to get lights, and we'll use an orange colored light shining from the West, and a blueish bleak light shining from the opposite direction.

    This took another hour or two to set up with electric cables and all. We missed the opportunity, again. It was far too dark in the background to even pass remotely for a sunset.

    Now what? Wait until the next day for the next sunset? Naah.

    Use the next morning's sunrise and pretend it's a sunset? Nope. It won't correspond to where West is generally in our world in which Kevin finds himself in.

    In the end, we got up the next morning while it's still dark, set up everything again, and as soon as it was nice and light in the background, all twilighty before the sun rises, used an orange light shining from the west to stand in for the sun setting.

    This worked rather nicely, as can be seen here:

    Not much way to tell that it was actually filmed early in the morning, with electric sunlight shining from the right of the picture (the real sunrise is happening on the left of the frame).

    If you're interested, the symbolism in the scene is:

    Armillary sphere: To symbolise Kevin trying to understand and find his place and way and purpose in the universe.

    Big face clock: Time, time past, time present, time to come.

    Fish symbol: Time, current age of Pisces, age in which Kevin's story is from.

    Broken statue right next to Kevin: Broken down life, life that needs to be put together, things that need to be sorted and put right.

    Sunset: One day ends, so a new one can begin. New life. End of the old, new aspirations.

    Owl: (Not in this snapshot but follows these shots) Wisdom gained through experiences.
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