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Busy week setting up for 13 EENDAG scenes

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  • Busy week setting up for 13 EENDAG scenes

    Well, quite a busy week of hard work at MooiFlieks Studios!

    Myself and a small team have been setting up all week for 13 scenes we plan on shooting tomorrow.

    I do hope we get to finish all 13 scenes, because as it is we will only be having our actors for tomorrow.

    Vasie de Kock and Caroline de Kock will be playing Gardus and Tjirpie, Kevin's school chums who would like to make it big in the entertainment industry, while Muyz the maniac has his own plans for these two and others.

    We have had to set up all thirteen scenes for tomorrow, with props and lighting and equipment standing by each location, so that we can just go from scene to scene and get them filmed.

    Planning everything beforehand and setting everything up ready to go is the key to getting a lot done on the day of shooting. I've had to have lights installed on the blue screen studio, clean black widow spiders out of the night train doors, scout locations, create props, plan and set out the costumes, and the list continues beyond a hundred other things.

    So, now all I need is a good night's sleep so I can get through tomorrow with ease. Good night y'all!
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