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Gardus and Tjirpie: A day and night of laughs and productivity!

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  • Gardus and Tjirpie: A day and night of laughs and productivity!

    Some crazy busy day yesterday, and most enjoyable!

    Vasie de Kock and Caroline de Kock came over to MooiFlieks Studios to portray the characters Gardus and Tjirpie respectively.

    Tjirpie is called Tjirpie because she wants to be a singer who sings like a little bird, or rather, she wants to be a successful singing star.

    Gardus is her rock in life who encourages her and would like to be in the music biz himself, even though so far in his life he's only inherited the joys of being a cattle farmer from his father.

    Eventually of course both their lives change in ways they could never imagine possible, when Muyz decides they'll do for his purposes.

    I'm so glad our actors took a liking to their character names, because throughout the day they started using those for each other instead of their real names.

    We didn't shoot Gardus and Tjirpie's adventures in order, but when it is in order it will start with Gardus and Tjirpie's school days and their ambitious dream days; Gardus not understanding why his cattle keep disappearing without a trace; and moving on to how they finally fall into a trap and get taken away to lives they did not ask for but might make the best of yet.

    The 14 hour shoot went without a hitch, aside from when we tried to record Tjirpie's concert songs: The computer simply kept ignoring any requests to open any programs!

    Vasie, being computer literate, tried for some time to diagnose any problems on the computer, but without any luck. In the end we agreed that knowing this type of technology, no matter how much it refuses to work right today, it will probably inexplicably work correctly in a day or two. I'm sure some operating system programmers deliberately write these bugs into the systems, but I can't imagine why.

    (By the way, yes, today the computer works just fine. Somebody explain this to me!!)

    Well, we didn't get to record any songs, but at least Caroline and I did sing through Tjirpie's songs, so she'll be familiar with them when we do get to record them some day soon.

    Caroline sings beautifully! A real songbird, just like Tjirpie.

    Caroline and Vasie both say the songs are great, so I'm glad they like them.

    The last scene we shot was that of Gardus and Tjirpie being transported in one of the NightTrain's railroad cars. I probably laughed hardest here at Caroline's portrayal of Tjirpie trying to battle with a hologram of Muyz. And on really high, really thin high heels too! That was something to behold.

    Really a day and night of laughter in abundance.

    More words of thanks to Waldi who provided himself to play one of Gardus and Tjirpie's video customers. Good job!

    And so much thanks to Janda Walters who handled craft services! It was delicious and most appreciated. What would I do without you?
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