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Kevin's grandfather on a sea journey

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  • Kevin's grandfather on a sea journey

    Kevin's grandfather was a mysterious man. He sailed around on a ship, exploring far-off places, and writing down many things in his journal. He even published an encyclopaedia, but it didn't have much success as people of the time could not believe that things so fantastic could actually be true.

    All his collections and writings and things ended up forgotten in the basement of Kevin's house. That is until Kevin started exploring these things, and start realizing that perhaps not all his grandfather's stories were purely fiction.

    Right now, we are working on the scenes of Kevin's grandfather sailing the seven seas on his ship. He is just arriving at some mysterious land to explore.

    Marius Macrobius who plays Kevin, will also play his grandfather, being made up and dressed the part.

    Kevin's grandfather also has a companion on the ship. This will be played by Bella the beautiful dog.

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