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Kevin's grandfather's house now ready for EENDAG 1

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  • Kevin's grandfather's house now ready for EENDAG 1

    Well for the past three days we've been cleaning and preparing Kevin's grandfathers home for a scene in EENDAG 1.

    After a scene in which we see him arrive at one of the islands he is exploring, we also see him back at home in his living room, writing in his journal about everything he has discovered. This is the journal Kevin will find years later and add his own life adventure to.

    It took quite some days longer than I had anticipated to get Kevin's grandfather's place ready. The room needed a LOT of cleaning. Dust and ants and all sorts of dirty nasty things have completely taken over this space, and it all had to be painstakingly dusted and vacuum cleaned excessively.

    Fortunately, after the past two days of getting it all ready, we are finally ready to start shooting at 6am tommorrow morning in Grandfather's home.

    I took a picture to show you, but then also found some interesting online photo editor that I played around with and made the depiction above of just the outlines of the room. I like it. Looks like a sketch or something.

    Or, here is some interesting thing done to the image in red and blue:

    - See more at: Kevin's grandfather's house now ready for EENDAG 1

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    Interesting story you've got going there
    Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose' ...


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      cheers m8! Much appreciated.